All Flexible. Versatile. Customizable. BrawnTec makes efficiency productive, affordable and attainable.


Heavy use industrial rolling BRAWNFLEX Carts and Trolleys allow for unlimited configurations to meet varied and changing material handling and storage needs.  Moveable posts and cantilevers enable the carts to hold and transport raw materials, wip, and finished goods within assembly operations (kitting), storage, and to outside locations as a returnable carrier to maximize the efficiencies you expect in your workplace.


  • Internal transport of materials between operations
  • Point of use storage of components and materials for assembly operations where “kitting” is desired
  • As a returnable container/platform for materials or, components needing outside services
  • As a retrunable container/platform to support shipment of product to customers
  • Raw material or, product storage


  • .250″ thick sheet metal and heavy gage wall thickness on tubing. Support arms are solid 3/4″ diameter round bar
  • 10,000#  total weight bearing capacity
  • Trolley and Cart are separate units and can be ordered individually or, together
  • 8″ Diameter easy roll , chip resistant wheels.  2 swivel and 2 stationary lockable wheels.
  • 48″ wide; 3 lengths 5′, 8′ and 10′
  • Industrial powder coat finish
  • Poly vinyl coated support arms and separator posts for material protection
  • Configurable to optimize usage of space.  Support arms, separator posts and uprights can all be moved to multiple locations to fit any material, component or, package size

With heavy duty construction and infinite configurations,

Brawntec products have proven their mettle


BrawnTec 5S Rolling Workstations are manufactured with features for a lifetime of use including:

  • All welded heavy gage steel construction
  • 31” X 31” X .180” thick base
  • .105” thick .286: dia. perforated side panels offer unlimited storage options and configuration
  • .074” thick pyramid shelving for two side access
  • 5” dia. X 2” wide 1,000# individual load rated ball bearing easy rolling wheels
  • Durable powder coat paint for maximum protection

Each cart needs to function differently – specific models and accessories for individual applications. Start with one of our base models and then make it your own to maximize the efficiencies you expect in your workplace.

Mobile Workstations, Maximizing Lean Manufacturing Benefits


Heavy use industrial rolling work/material handling tables capable of holding 10,000#.  Made from heavy gage powder paint coated steel or, stainless steel, the tables come in 2 heights and 3 widths.


Designed by the manufacturer for their internal use, the tables offer the following uses/benefits:

  • Large capacity, handles and easy rolling wheels eliminate the need for fork lifts in moving inventory and materials
  • Variety of heights and widths, and option to add accessories allows for improved ergonomics and flexibility in 5S and point of use methodology
  • Durable. Ideally suited for heavy use applications. Long life leads to great value
  • Ideal uses: inventory management and movement; point of use to support assembly lines, maintenance work table, part inspection, and portable sub-assembly stations


  • 7 Gage sheet metal with .250″ wall thickiness steel tubing
  • 10,000# total weight bearing capacity
  • 8″ easy roll, chip resistant wheels. 2 swivel and 2 stationary lockable wheels
  • 2 heights: 18″ and 32″
  • 3 sizes: 32″ sq, 42″ sq and 52″ sq
  • Removable corner pallet guides allowing for flexibility
  • Industrial powder coat finish
  • Tables are 32″ tall equipped with an extra middle shelf
  • Pre-drilled holes for mounting accessories: power strips, lights, tool holders, etc

Industrial in strength, yet versatile and easily mobile


The BRAWNTEC Coil and Sheet Stands allow for safe, compact point of use storage of coil and sheet stock.  Built for heavy use industrial applications where space is limited and rapid access to materials is desired.  The Coil and Sheet Stands come in 3 widths and 4 lengths to accommodate a wide range of coil diameters and sheet sizes.


Designed by the manufacturer for their internal use, the Stands offer the following uses/benefits:

  • Point of use storage utilizing a small footprint
  • Easy access to quick inventory turning materials
  • Posts are movable to accommodate a wide variety of material sizes; post positioning location holes designed for maximum density of product
  • Eliminates need for dunnage: pallets, cantilever shelving, etc.
  • Ideal for storing sheets on edge and coils eye horizontal
  • Ideal for storage of: metal and paper coils; metal, plastic, and wooden/particle board sheets; rod, bar, pipe and tubing


  • Heavy gage welded construction
  • Secure fit divider posts made from heavy wall thickness tubing
  • Designed to accommodate unlimited coil widths and coil diameters up to 72″; sheet stock in lengths of 24″ to 144″ and sheet stock width to 72″
  • Stands come in 3 widths: 20″, 30″ and 48″ and 4 lengths:   4′, 6′, 8′ and 10′
  • Rubber matting between runners and polyvinyl coated divider posts are optional

Built for a lifetime of flexibility