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BrawnTec. Five Product Categories. All Maximizing the Benefits of Doing Business Lean.

Versatile Configurations

Ultimate Job Organization Flexibility

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Material Handling and Storage to Off-Site Project Management

Industrial Strength

Beats the weight held by lightweight competitors

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Maximize 5S

BrawnTec products are engineered specifically to fit the needs of a 5S workplace … whether the work is being done on or offsite. 

Ultimate flexibility is designed into each BrawnTec product to enable broad customizability to meet the needs of any manufacturing process or offsite job handling challenge, while still delivering maximum efficiency and effective outcomes.

Intuitive organization possibilities are applied to each BrawnTec solution.

Flexible. Versatile. Customizable. BrawnTec makes efficiency productive, affordable and attainable.

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Why Our Customers Love BrawnTec

We put BrawnTec to work as an electric service cart in our maintenance department. The cart comes in very handy when we do electrical work, installing outlets, running conduit and pulling wire. There’s a place for everything. It seems all tools are right there and within reach. – Brewing

Sprecher Brewery

The 5S Rolling Workstation is currently functioning as a kit cart. It gives us the ability to easily bolt on material to accommodate custom fixtures and products. The locking doors are great features for securing material and/or tooling in a regulated environment. The shelves are both slotted and welded – very sturdy! The pegboard sides are also extremely valuable as they accommodate simple and quick customizing. – Worldwide Healthcare Equipment Provider

GE Healthcare

Our BrawnTec 5S Work Station serves as a supply cart for our welding supplies. The multiple sized bin containers are great for our needs. The many hanging accessories allow us to outfit the cart with essential tools. – Mining


We utilize BrawnTec as a used tool and tooling collection point for metalworking cutting tools and their holders. Its mobility is excellent. It has plenty of storage space for hand tools and hardware, and is a great place to store items like this at a work site. Aside from the standard bins, we added some of our own to further customize it to our specific needs. – International Manufacturing

Waukesha Bearings

As often happens, the best ideas result out of necessity

If “necessity is the mother of invention,” then BrawnTec is testimony to the truth of this proverb.

When BrawnTec’s parent company, Federal Tool & Engineering, began implementing lean manufacturing methods, they combed the marketplace for mobile workstations to help maintain their newfound efficiencies. What they needed didn’t exist. So, they created their own.

Before long, customers on factory tours were asking for mobile workstations for their factories … and then asking Federal Tool & Engineering to develop custom mobile work tables and carts.

The rest is history.