BrawnFlex™ Carts & Trolleys

Heavy duty, easy rolling BRAWNFLEX Carts and Trolleys deliver unlimited configurations to meet varied and changing material handling and storage needs.

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With BrawnFlex Carts and Trolleys by BrawnTec,

you get what you need with affordable customization options.

BrawnFlex Carts & Trolleys

Maximize production efficiencies in the workplace or at remote locations.

Moveable posts and cantilevers enable carts to hold and transport raw materials, WIP, and finished goods within assembly kitting operations, storage, and outside locations as a returnable carrier.


  • Internal transport of materials between operations
  • Point of use storage of components and materials for assembly operations where kitting is desired
  • As a returnable container/platform for materials or, components needing outside services
  • As a returnable container/platform to support shipment of product to customers
  • Raw material or, product storage


  • Organization to maximize efficiency
  • Easy material and component access
  • Improves workforce performance
  • Reduces material waste
  • Reusable


  • .250″ thick sheet metal and heavy gage wall thickness on tubing. Support arms are solid 3/4″ diameter round bar
  • 10,000#  total weight bearing capacity
  • Trolley and Cart are separate units and can be ordered individually or, together
  • 8″ Diameter easy roll , chip resistant wheels.  2 swivel and 2 stationary lockable wheels.
  • 48″ wide; 3 lengths 5′, 8′ and 10′
  • Industrial powder coat finish
  • Poly vinyl coated support arms and separator posts for material protection
  • Configurable to optimize usage of space.  Support arms, separator posts and uprights can all be moved to multiple locations to fit any material, component or, package size

With infinite configuration possibilities,

BrawnFlex Carts and Trolleys are proven Modular Material Handling Solutions